Basic Functions - Login - Navigate

Login to Clinicbuddy Login to Clinicbuddy
How to log in to Clinicbuddy
Add a Provider Add a Provider
How to add a user, provider and/or calendar using backoffice.
Main Screen Main Screen
General about the main screen, and how you navigate in Clinicbuddy.
Search Patient Search Patient
There are several ways to look up a patient - via find patient and via calendar.
Add a Patient Add a Patient
You can add a patient both though search patient, but also directly in the calendar when scheduling.
Patient Details Patient Details
In patient data you will find all of the basic information, including treatment notes and bookkeeping.
Add Workhours Add Workhours
When you add workhours, this will be available for schedule that provider and serivce both in clinic and online.
Reports/Statistics Reports/Statistics
In reports/statistics you can see lots of facts about the clinic; number of treatments, sold articles - but also geographic distribution of patients.

Four Phases/Statuses - Arrived - In Treatment - Treatment Done - Checked out

Marker as Arrived Marker as Arrived
All patients go though four phases/statuses- arrived is the first phase/status.
Patient Flow Small Clinic Patient Flow Small Clinic
A smaller clinic works different than a bigger. Here is the flowchart for patient traffic in a smaller clinic.
Check Out Check Out
To check out a patient means to do billing and schedule next appointment.

Calendar - Mobile Calendar - Telephone Answering Service

Answering Service Answering Service
Let a answering service answer the phone when you are unable to.